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If it rains, will the weed control still work? As long as the product has 15 min to dry, it will work.  We also put a “sticker agent” so that rain will have little effect on the product. We have not received rain.  Will your fertilizer burn my lawn? Our fertilizer is made to only release its nutrients when moisture is present.  It can not burn your lawn and is guaranteed to release in a safe manner. In the summer, I am getting strips or track marks on my lawn.  What are these from? When it gets hot outside, the grass blades become dry and brittle.  When you ride or push with a mower, they will damage the leaf just above the crown and you will see brown tracks where the mower tires were.  This is known as heat tracking.  They may not look exactly like the picture.  Most times they are in straight tracks, but this is a good example. I think I have grubs.  What can I do to find out if it is grubs? Grub damage can begin to occur between August and can damageturf until late October.  If you suspect grub damage, grab a handful of the damaged turf and give a tug.  If the turf pulls easily or rolls back like carpet, there is a good chance it is grub damage.  We recommend you call us for a free service call if you suspect grubs. Click this link for a video on how to check: