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ROUND 1 Early Spring Feeding-Round 1 consists of a premium all natural dry, granular fertilizer and weed control. This application helps the lawn out of its winter dormancy and provides a consistent green-up throughout the spring. The weed control helps keep your lawn weed free and looking its best. This round also comes with crabgrass control, keeping you protected against this annual summer weed. ROUND 2 Late Spring/Early Summer Feeding-This application prepares the turf for the coming summer months. It provides nutrients to the grass to protect it from heat stress, insect damage, and disease. We will keep you informed about any cultural practices or recommendations to ensure your lawn does well. During this application, we will treat any weeds that came up between rounds, making sure you lawn stays beautiful and weed free. ROUND 3 Summer Feeding-The summer feeding uses a premium dry, granular slow release fertilizer to keep the grass healthy during the harsh summer weather. This product needs water to activate, so it will never burn the lawn. This is the time of year when insects, such as chinch bugs and sod webworm, are most active. We keep an eye out for these pests, so they can not get a foothold and destroy your lawn. ROUND 4 Early Fall Feeding-This application consists of an premium all natural dry, granular fertilizer and weed control. This is an important time for the lawn to rebuild after the summer heat stress. During this time, roots systems are starting to rebuild and nutrients are critical to this development. Our lawn inspections at this time are very important. This is when the most damaging lawn insect, grubs, can be detected. ROUND 5 Late Fall Feeding-The final round is one of the most important to insure your lawn gets off to a great start the following year. During this round, we use a premium all natural dry, granular fertilizer. This is formulated to release quickly into the turf so the plant can store up energy to protect itself from the cold winters we receive in this area.